Many a time, Indeed, I get a question from many students how should we upload Case Discussion on Clinirex. In general, What is its proper format? likewise other questions. In short, to document all the details of their hospital postings, many students of Pharm D use Clinirex.


For Instance, case discussion involves the discussion of the entire case uploaded on Clinirex. So, It includes two important points like Evidence and Patient Counselling.


In general, the evidence involves the details of the patients. In this section, you just have to include the patient’s age, Systemic Examination details as well as Lab Investigation details.

Treatment goals

In particular, we must include the type of treatment goals based on the disease or the drugs to the patient. Moreover, It could be based on symptomatic treatment or for post-surgical prophylaxis.

Pharmacological Treatment

The pharmacological treatment involves all the drugs given to the patient along with its uses as well as its mechanisms of actions. All the drugs included I in this case all the drugs must be mentioned.

Non-Pharmacological treatment

So, in this, including the Non-Pharmacological treatment. A sample paragraph, in particular, showing what you can include in this section is as follows:

Dietary Intake must be monitored and only easily digested food materials like oatmeal, rice, boiled vegetables, soups etc must be taken. Controlled protein Intake as limiting protein helps reduce waste build-up in the body and helps in prevent uremia. Must monitor, Potassium levels that may increase due to low urine output. Juices must be taken in adequate amount to prevent Dehydration. You must avoid, foods with low levels of fats and bad cholesterol.  A high sodium diet can make you retain more fluid and can affect blood pressure. Regular check-ups must be done and parameters must be monitored regularly. Moreover, Monitor, electrolytes levels in the body as any imbalances in them leads to the re-occurrence of seizures.

Goals Achieved

Include the details of the goals which are achieved by the drug for the disease.


Disease Counselling Points

In general, it includes the points you will use to counsel the patient about the disease.

Medication counselling points

In fact, it includes the points you will use to counsel the patient about the medicines.

Lifestyle counselling points

Includes the points you will use to counsel the patient about in particular, the lifestyle changes.