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In fact, Congratulations. Unquestionably, you made it. Finally, you are in the 5th year of Pharm D. A year where you will be conducting a study and documenting the thesis. So, a declaration of thesis specifies what you believe, and what you hope to prove. Furthermore, a strong statement of thesis distinguishes between a careful research project and a simplistic retelling of truth. Moreover, a strong, preliminary thesis helps you concentrate your knowledge quest. But don’t hurry! Before you know enough about a topic you have to do a lot of background reading to recognize main or important questions. Until you have reviewed the facts, you may not know how you stand on a matter. You’ll typically start your research with a working, provisional or tentative thesis that you’ll continue to refine until you’re sure where the evidence leads. So, the elements included in a thesis are as follows:


In general, the main page of the thesis consists of the title of the study, the names of the persons conducting the research, the name of the person under whose guidance the thesis is done. As well as the Name of the college in which the persons conducting the research are studying.


On the whole, there must be 2 certificates with the letterhead of the college approving the study. So, The first certificate should be signed by the Guide and the second certificate should be signed by the Principal of the college where the persons conducting the research are studying.


This, in particular, is a declaration to be given by the persons conducting the thesis


On the whole, it involves all the credits and other details give to the persons who helped the researchers in conducting the study.


This is, in short, the whole part of an article. So, It is a summary of the entire thesis. Moreover, this involves Background, Objective, Methodology, Results, Conclusion and Keywords.


This involves all the details of the contents of the thesis along with the page numbers.


It contains all the tables in the Thesis along with the page numbers


It contains all the pictures and figures in the Thesis along with the page numbers


So, it contains all the abbreviations in the Thesis.


Undoubtedly, this contains all the details of the topic on which the study is conducted. It is an important part of the thesis because it involves all the factors like:

  • Epidemiology
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Types
  • Pathophysiology
  • Risk Factors
  • Clinical Manifestations
  • Diagnosis
  • Prevention
  • Treatment.

Treatment furthermore involves Non-Pharmacological Treatment, Pharmacological Treatment as well as Surgical Treatment.

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Unquestionably, this is the second part of the thesis. So, it is done on the journal articles which we are taking into account for our study. Additionally, it involves elements like Title, Authors, Abstract and Keywords. Furthermore, there must be a minimum of 20 Review of Literature for a study.


To conclude, the third part of the study is the Aims & Objectives. So, it involves the Objectives which we are going to accomplish by the study. Additionally, it involves a Primary Objective which deals with the main objective of our study. The Secondary Objective involves the part which you are additionally going to achieve.


This, in particular, is the fourth part of the thesis. Indeed, it deals with the materials and methods by which we are going to conduct the research. So, it involves factors like:

  • Study Design
  • Source of Data & Materials
  • Inclusion Criteria
  • Exclusion Criteria
  • Method of Data Collection
  • Study Procedure
  • Duration of the study
  • Place of Study
  • Plan of Work


On the whole, this the foremost important part of the Thesis and It involves all the criteria which are being dealt with in the study. Different studies involve different criteria but the most common criteria of every study are as follows:


This involves the discussion of the entire thesis. It must be done by all the members conducting on the thesis. It is done by comparing all the details of the results of this thesis by the journal articles included in the review of the literature.


This is the final part of the thesis and involves should involve the points what the research conductors want to conclude. A brief part of the thesis should be included in the Abstract too.


This includes all the references from where the points for the study are taken. Many of the institutes use Vancouver Style Referencing. In addition to this, there are many other referencing methods but Vancouver Style is the predominant one.

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In general, it involves all the resources by which the study is conducted. So, Different resources are needed for different studies. But the most common resources used in a thesis are as follows:

  • Patient Consent Form
  • Case Sheet
  • Questionnaire
  • Leaflets

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