2.6 Pharmacotherapeutics – I

1. Cardiovascular System

a. Hypertension

b. Congestive Cardiac Failure

c. Angina Pectoris

d. Myocardial Infarction

e. Hyperlipidaemias

f. Electrophysiology of Heart and Arrhythmias

2. Respiratory System

a. Introduction to Pulmonary Function Test

b. Asthma

c. Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease

d. Drug Induced Pulmonary Diseases

3. Endocrine System:

a. Diabetes

b. Thyroid Diseases

c. Oral Contraceptives

d. Hormone Replacement Therapy

e. Osteoporosis

4. General Prescribing Guidelines

a. Paediatric Patients

b. Geriatric Patients

c. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

5. Ophthalmology

a. Glaucoma

b. Conjunctivitis- Viral & Bacterial

6. Introduction to Rational Drug Use

a. Definition

b. Role of Pharmacist

c. Essential Drug Concept

d. Rational Drug Formulations