4.2 Hospital Pharmacy

1. Hospital – Its Organisation and Functions

2. Hospital Pharmacy – Organisation and Management

a. Organizational Structure

i. Staff

ii. Infrastructure

iii. Work Load Statistics

b. Management of Materials and Finance

c. Roles & Responsibilities of Hospital Pharmacist

3. The Budget: Preparation and Implementation

4. Hospital Drug Policy

a. Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee (PTC)

b. Hospital Formulary

c. Hospital Committees

i. Infection Committee

ii. Research and Ethical Committee

d. Developing Therapeutic Guidelines

e. Hospital Pharmacy Communication

i. Newsletter

5. Hospital Pharmacy Services

a. Procurement & Warehousing of Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

b. Inventory Control

i. Definition

ii. Various Methods of Inventory Control

  • ABC
  • VED
  • EOQ
  • Lead Time
  • Safety Stock

c. Drug Distribution in the Hospital

i. Individual Prescription Method

ii. Floor Stock Method

iii. Unit Dose Drug Distribution Method

d. Distribution of Narcotic and Other Controlled Substances

e. Central Sterile Supply Services: Role of pharmacist

6. Manufacture of Pharmaceutical preparations

a. Sterile Formulations – Large and Small Volume Parenterals

b. Manufacture of

i. Ointments

ii. Liquids

iii. Creams

c. Manufacturing of

i. Tablets

ii. Granules

iii. Capsules

iv. Powders

d. Total Parenteral Nutrition

7. Continuing Professional Development Programs Education and Training

8. Radio Pharmaceuticals

i. Handling

ii. Packaging

9. Professional Relations and Practices of Hospital Pharmacist